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RootCode Technologies brings you Fitness N U, an app that is tailored for the fitness industry. If you are looking to have access to a software that can make it easier for you to run your fitness business, you should definitely choose Fitness N U as it comes loaded with a range of useful features.

Fitness N U comes equipped with a smartly designed web-based CRM which can be used for managing your gym or health club from any given location at any point of time. At RootCode Technologies, we have an extensive team of skilled IT professionals who have designed a robustly made health club managing application.

The Fitness N U application offers reliable and easily scalable solutions that can turn your business into a major success story. Once you choose to use the Fitness N U application, it will be a lot easier for you to manage your fitness, health, or sports business.


From the very beginning, we have believed that building long-standing relationships with customers is the key to a successful business. Therefore we always strive to satisfy our customers and develop a long term rewarding relationship with them. Our commitment to enhancing the business prospects of our customers make it possible for us to deliver quality performance on a consistent basis.

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