Why Fitness N U is the Best online gym management software

Here is why Fitness NU is your right decision


Since time management is crucial to the success of a fitness studio business, the app can serve as an excellent gym management software which can help in saving time as well as manage all related operations in an efficient manner. Using the Fitness NU app can help in boosting productivity in more ways than one.



It a lot easy for the users to manage all of their daily operations and improve the overall quality of all gym services. The app is designed and developed by using valuable inputs from experienced gym experts which makes this gym management software powerful enough to accommodate even the most difficult operational requirements no matter the type of fitness studio owned and operated by the user.

Access Anywhere

Gym owners hardly ever spend the whole day sitting in front of the desk. Due to this reason the Fitness NU app is supported by a cloud network that allows efficient management of the business practically from anywhere.

Being a cloud-based fitness studio management software, the Fitness NU app can help in running a gym business smoothly.


Expand Your Reach And Boost Your Business Returns

Attracting new clients for your business is fundamental to the growth and success of your gym business. Our Fitness NU app can help your prospective customers to stay updated about the latest developments of your gym from anytime anywhere.

Improve Overall Efficiency In Your fitness studios

It can be a challenging task to manage a gym that has branches on multiple locations. While you can't be in two different places at the same time, with the help of our Fitness NU app and its cloud-based features, you can easily manage the operations for all your gym branches from anywhere simply at the click of a button.

All you need to have is a computer with internet connection.


Stay With Your Clients And Not Just Behind The Desk

Managing all your gym operations efficiently can be a hard task without you even needing to worry about the gym management software forcing you to stay glued to the computer screen. Fitness NU app can do everything for you, starting from booking appointments to managing payments and product sales.

You do not need to overcomplicate your business by implementing multiple tools for taking care of all your business needs. With the help of Fitness NU app, you can do everything with the help of a single application.

Peace Of Mind For Your Gym Property

We understand that the needs of every gym are different and therefore we have made Fitness NU app to meet all of your needs and provide you with the best support to run you business. Using Fitness NU app can help you to be prepared for all kinds of situations.

Our team of experts is available 24/7 and they can make sure that you have the best experience with our gym management software.


Access Your Gym From Anywhere Based On Your Convenience

We understand that as the owner of a gym you always need to be on the move. Due to this reason, we at RootCode Technologies have come up with a cloud-operated gym management software which can besecurely accessed from anywhere provided there is an internet connection.

With Fitness NU app, you are not required to stay glued to your gym all the time; you can easily manage everything that is going on in your gym with the help of this app.


The Fitness NU app has been designed to effectively replace your traditional patchwork of applications with a wholly integrated suite of smart solutions that can be used for addressing all the aspects of gym management.

The integrated solutions offered by Fitness NU app can work seamlessly together, effectively exchanging all information in real time, thereby eliminating all needs of redundant data entry work and the resultant errors.


Fast And Simple

The Fitness NU app is simple and easy to use which means that you can use it run a fitness studio of any size as per your convenience. The app is design by the best gym experts and is meant to help gym experts for running their operations. The app comes with a user friendly interface that is quite easy to navigate.

The app is extremely intuitive which means that your business team can easily explore and use it without having the need to go through extensive training. The app is simple and fast and can be used from both computes and mobiles.


The web-based solutions offered by Fitness NU can redefine the way you as a gym manager share information with your coworkers as well as with your customers. You can also have easy access to different kinds of information that you need at different stages, whether you are in your home, in your office or on the road. The only thing that you need is a computing system with an internet connection.

With Fitness NU, you get to have functionality that you seek directly to your desktop, mobile device, tablet or smartphone.



With the Fitness NU app, you can get all the tools you need to automate your business and simplify all operations. This can help in saving time, resources andmoney and boost operational efficiency on multiple levels.

Fitness NU can automate various time consuming processes that are crucial for your business and this helps you to focus on improving customer service, using more vacancies and developing your business.

Secure & SSL

Since your business has valuable data that is central to your operations, we have empowered Fitness NU to protect it at all times.

We make use of seamless cloud computing to preserve and protect all your business data. This means that when you use Fitness NU, you can easily manage your security needs and focus on developing your business.


Customer Centric Approach

Fitness NU is a product that gets updated constantly based on the data obtained from our customers as well as their feedback.

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